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March 2012



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Mar. 1st, 2012


hello everyone:)
i forgot i have a livejournal account.
its been 3yrs since i updated.
so i'm here to announce, i'm not going to update anymore.
it actually is tiring to update in my community.

anyway, im in my 2nd quarter of college now.
I'm suppose to be working on my 1250 words essay but I'm trying to find ways to procrastinate it.
It's 10:10pm now and my essay is due tmr at 10:40am..impossible right.
Well, just to tell you no more updating in my community.
(or maybe I would in the future..)


Sep. 26th, 2009


my computer recently went down.
or should i say broken.
because i share computer with my 2nd brother,
my own folder is like 7gb.
it included everything in there and i have no backup on it too.
i almost cried for it.
even though it is just computer and stuff but those that are in my folder are valuable.
nothing can be brought. it only had one.
so i spent my time and pray in order to get my computer to work.
then thank God. really Thank God.
because of him our stuff have backup now.
im like really really happy.
because we can't even open our computer,
everytime we open it, just a few seconds or just 1 minute it went freeze again.
then when my big brother came and fix it, he can go on to safe mode but again a few second on safe mode, it went freeze again.
so i went and pray, then it went for a long time.
and my whole folder have backup now.
now im very happy. and can continue to play my computer.
during the time that our computer was broken, i use my 3rd brother's laptop to go online.
he goes to work everyday so i can use it..:)
anyway, well im sick now starting thursday.
don't worry it isn't no swine flu.
im just sick. having a runny nose and sore throat. also dry cough too.
don't know why, but just feel really really tired.
just wanted to let YOU know how im doing recently...
im going to school now and is quite free and busy.
it is fun at school nowadays for some reason (maybe because of friends:))
and im like needing to check out kpop now. it takes times since i can't go on this and that with my brother's computer.
i totally forgot my password and usernames too.
thank you i got the backup or else i have to create another one...
that takes time....sigh...anyway..that is what going on with me.
thanks for reading and bye :D

May. 17th, 2009


im not busy but i am quite busy if i combine everything together.
1.) school year is about to end and there will be finals.
2.) church have an event just 5 days later and we need to prepare for it.
3.) i am currently sick starting from april 13 to now.
that is a month and i am sick 3 times.
so i need to see the doctor on wednesday.
4.) i need to get get my church work finish.
5.) i need to get update with k-pop
because i will get seperated with them soon. and
6.) i need to get my summer schedule going.
oh and
7.) i need to go to a bbq for my brother's birthday.
8.) i need to have my own party going on june 15. which is 29 days later.

so i will be quite busy...
i may not post anything in my community because oh my schedule.
but if i have time i will.
at least one or two i guess.
today i just post 3 in a row.
so thanks all. i need to get things going now.

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